At lewis & carroll tea, we believe in the artisanal spirit of using only the most exceptional ingredients and the most exquisite craftsmanship to create our trademark tea blends, each of which a masterpiece of aromatic attraction and visual artistry.


Inspired by the worlds and works of our namesakes Clive Staples Lewis and Charles Lutwidge Dodgson—better known as Lewis Carroll—we craft each and every blend into new worlds of wondrous realities, inviting you in with complex compositions playing the refined notes of fruits, herbs, and quality tea leaves.

exceptional ingredients

In pursuit of high quality leaves and ingredients, we source our teas from reputable plantations across Indonesia and abroad in an effort to find that which represents and celebrates all of nature’s beautiful bounty.

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exquisite craftsmanship

In crafting our unique blends, we work with knowledgeable experts whose creativity and passion for taste and technique equal the most gifted artists, musicians, and writers of any age. We blend our tea with cutting edge technology, using the latest in tools and equipments—such as precision scales and specialty heating devices—as well as the finest gourmet ingredients available. The result is a marriage of the exquisite and the exceptional in one sip of our L&C artisanal tea blend.



“You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.“


– C.S. LEWIS –



We are lewis & carroll , masters of craft tea blends and apostles of a beautiful artisanal philosophy. And we cordially invite you to come and be human, to take your time in getting to know bliss, to be gloriously unproductive, and unapologetically alive.



it’s always tea time